Wooden Snipe
Height ->77 cmsLenght ->50 cmsDepth ->6,5 cms

Wooden Snipe

Valuable model that decorates both his home as an office, and is a memorable gift that lasts through time. High quality construction with materials, with emphasis on small details. Measure also the shelf or place where you plan to put this beautiful reproduction, are larger than they appear.

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At a meeting of the Florida West Coast Racing Association held in Sarasota (Florida), USA, in SnipeMarch 1931, the idea of creating a small sailing vessel that could be easily transported on a trailer. William Crosby, a naval engineer and director of the magazine "Rudder", who was attending the meeting pledged to carry out the project and to publish the drawings of the boat in its magazine, to give greater promotion potential.


The name of Snipe (Snipe in Spanish), was chosen following the custom of giving names Crosby waterfowl your designs. The result was a success. In the year 1932 and 150 units were manufactured, and formed the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA), becoming in July 1936 in the class with the greatest number of boats in the world. The first World Championship Class was held in Long Island Sound (New Rochelle, USA) in 1934, organized by the Yacht Club in New Rochelle. But when it really became a true World Championship with international category was in 1946, in the edition held at Lake Chautauqua (Jamestown, USA).


In 1947 he held for the first time outside of the United States, on Lake Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland). Today is one of the dinghies are most popular, with nearly 900 fleets in 26 countries and has become the backbone of the sailing competition.
The two sailors with the most Olympic medals in sailing history, Paul Bert Elvstrom and Torben Grael, were formed in the snipe class, which were world champions.