Nautical & Marine Decoration

Decor restaurant and local business. Tables, lamps, nets, models, custom reproductions . Custom decoration projects.


Typical decoration of the Costa Brava, Brittany, the North Sea, French Riviera, Amalfi Coast



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  • Nautical Flags

    Nautical and marine flags, the international signals code, and country flags. They are made pretending to be ancient, made 100% cotton.

  • Decorative Life Ring

    Life rings of various sizes and colors. This liferings are currently mandatory on all ships as a safety measure for sailors.


    The liferings shown here ARE ONLY FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSE.

  • Fishing Buoys

    The ancient fishermen used buoys anchored to the seabed, to tie their fishing nets or directly tied hooks with bait under the buoy.


    These buoys were made of glass, spherical and hermetic in order to be floated.

  • Earth Globes

    A globe is a three-dimensional model represented on a sphere to scale of the Earth (called a terrestrial, terrestrial or geographic globe) or of any other planet in the universe.


    There are also other globes, called celestial globes or astronomical spheres, which are three-dimensional representations of the celestial sphere or firmament.

  • Hangers Marines

    All hanger types, wooden hangers, metal hangers, wall hangers.


    The best way to hang on the coat, bag or anything, and brightly decorate the room.

  • Marine Figures

    Marine figures of fish, birds, fishermen, bathers, and much more. Made of wood, metal or resin.


  • Decorative Fishing Nets

    Ancient fishing gear, such as nets of all sizes and colors, fishing nets for shrimp fishing and other crustaceans.

  • Rows and Decorative...

    Decorative oars made of wood to hang on the wall, very attractive colors, or oar-shaped hangers.


    Wooden pulleys simulating those carried by the old ships, fully functional, although their use is only decorative.

  • Decorative Rudder

    Old rudder wheels, made of high quality wood, of various sizes, very decorative on the walls of house or beach restaurant.

  • Watches / Weather...

    All kinds of watches, from the wristwatch, to the desktop clock, to the wall clock. All kinds of indoor and outdoor weather stations.

  • Plates and Indicators

    All kinds of nameplates of various locations, or beach signs or direction signs.


    These plates, handcrafted, are made of metal, wood or other noble materials.

Showing 1 - 263 of 263 items
Showing 1 - 263 of 263 items

Marine decoration

At, immerse yourself in a world between a simple wooden sailboat for the bathroom and a detailed replica of the famous JS El Cano, between baskets for the beach and ornate wooden chairs, between small and simple metal lighthouse or lighthouse with lighting carefully designed, between its sand for marine decoration and decoration made of natural products for the showcase of your store or the terrarium of your beloved tortoise.

As professionals in the maritime industry, we are always looking for new decorating ideas that we have compiled here for you.

The maritime decoration is a classic in the world of decoration.

Welcome to the world of marine decoration and decorating ideas.

Welcome to the online store.

Decorative classics such as lighthouses and nautical paintings.

But, of course, we also have ideas for decorating the table and, of course, vintage-style decoration.

Here you can not only dream about the great maritime world, but with the help of simple, but beautiful marine products customized to your personal taste, simple things for the home or for your professional environment, so that you or your clients are inspired and to have A relaxed and pleasant holiday atmosphere.

Take your time and click through our extensive and deep product offering.

With us you can buy decoration online or even buy under catalog.

In this section you will find everything you need for the design of any type of maritime space, whether for the professional decoration of your maritime and nautical summer or winter terraces, or for the design of a romantic-maritime wedding table with many Guests, from which, begins the honeymoon on the same day of the wedding, whether for the construction of dunes with real sand and the similar design of the North Sea, or use a real-life beacon aesthetically beautiful. You can use small decorative baskets as a sailor gift to the guests to achieve the dream of the couple, real sea sand, real shells and wooden boxes with washed sand to bring the sea to your garden or the perfect maritime decoration for your new restaurant of seafood or its cozy restaurant. Statues of sailors, accompanied by shells, fishing nets, seagulls, lifeguards, oars, rudders, fishing buoys and portholes.

We are pleased to help you not only with words but with facts and we will gladly fulfill your personal wishes.

Are you curious and would like to know more about the world of maritime decoration? Then contact us.