Colour lobster Fishingboat
Height ->67 cmsLenght ->77 cms

Colour lobster Fishingboat

Beautiful FULLY ASSEMBLED model of a French lobster fishing boat, which decorates both his home and office, and is a memorable gift that lasts through time. High quality construction with materials, with emphasis on the smallest details. Measure also the shelf or place where you plan to put this beautiful reproduction, as these models are larger than they appear.

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Lobster Fishing boat

Before the mid-nineteenth century, lobster fishing wasLobster Fishing boat well known on the coast of Cape Sizun. During the 1860s, fishermen would Paimpol Sein Island in summer, from May to October. These fishermen fished lobsters with traps in small open vessels.

During the fishing season, where they were to live on the island, in one of the springs that they named "Paimpolais dock", the islanders were preparing to longline fishing. The collection and transport of crustaceans were performed in larger vessels with deposits belonging to wholesalers and distributors.

Paimpolais's presence on the island will greatly contribute to the expansion of the activities of the lobster in Cape Sizun.