Mediterranean Llaüt
Height ->32.00 cmsLenght ->29.00 cmsDepth ->8.00 cms

Mediterranean Llaüt

Model of a decorative llaüt made with quality wood, painted and assembled by hand.

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Not all fishing vessels are or were llaüts, not all llaüts served or serve fish, but it is fair to Fishing Llautdevote a tribute to llaüt fisherman who, when there has been a mainstream typology in the history of the profession in the field shooting and which remains one of the products more popular among lovers of fishing and coastal sailing pleasure.

Today, the image most people have of this boat is not coincident with whom he has had during the lengthier period of its existence. It has widespread associate first with a motorboat and, in general, units are undervalued compared to wood fiber, when the latter material was implemented in its construction to the seventies and was a variation which profoundly affected its navigation features.

It is somewhat paradoxical as the lack of llaut handcrafted boat, designed for sailing and rowing, in an archipelago where these resources for propulsion power remained in use until relatively recently, although at a late stage were auxiliary motor. It made ​​an impact on the Civil War caused a i postwar shortages that led to a return to sailing, in a later period when the general industrialization of the state, the isolation of the Balearics, the rationing of fuel and the questionable quality of the machines that could be bought, made some engines on accessibility and reliability.