Northen Fishing boat
Height ->22 cmsLenght ->26 cmsDepth ->7,5 cms

Northen Fishing boat

Valuable model that decorates both his home as an office, and is a memorable gift that lasts through time. High quality construction with materials, with emphasis on small details. Measure also the shelf or place where you plan to put this beautiful reproduction, are larger than they appear.

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Fishing boats


Of the 4 million commercial fishing boats sailing the seas today, an estimated 1.3 million are modern vessels with enclosed areas for storage or processing of the catch. Two-thirds of the remaining vessels are thought to be traditional fishing boats, including sailboats and rowboats, which are used by small-scale artisanal commercial or subsistence fishing in coastal regions or islands, as well as rivers and lakes.

With the evolution of fishing boats, specially designed in the Renaissance, the old commercial fishing sailing had become an important industry for many seagoing nations of northern Europe. The fishing fleets of hundreds of sailing boats spent weeks at sea, salting their catch for storage in tanks or transferred to other boats for transport back to shore.
With the industrial revolution, and the design of steamships, and then to oil, ships were built ever larger and leaving the wood to move to the steel in the hull construction. From there, he designed the huge fish that are able to fish for weeks without touching land.

These modern fishing boats operating in different fishing techniques, depending on your location, fishing and trapping schedule. The most common is trawling, dragging large nets hanging from the open sides or behind the boat to be dragged along the seabed. Another is the "fence", or purse, where it is deployed throughout a network to encircle a school of fish. Tuna, mackerel, skipjack tuna and squid are fished often with long lines with hooks, which are indicated with markers (currently located by GPS) to be launched from the sides or stern of the boat.