Wooden yacht
Height ->66,5 cmsLenght ->46,5 cmsDepth ->23 cms

Wooden yacht

Valuable model that decorates both his home as an office, and is a memorable gift that lasts through time. High quality construction with materials, with emphasis on small details. Measure also the shelf or place where you plan to put this beautiful reproduction, are larger than they appear.

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About wooden yachts


These wooden boats were designed in the early twentieth century, being the first with the current conception of the actual sailing.wooden yacht


The design of triangular sails with battens to maintain shape, maneuvers simple for an easy tacking, and an fabulous interior comfort, with cabins, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, etc..


The first modern sailors to circumnavigate the world used these types of boats, very risky as the possibility of a leak were higher than actual yachts and resistance of materials (wooden stick, wooden rudder, candles, fabric) were not as strong as today.


However, its design and construction were so perfect that there are actually thousands of units of these types of sailboats in the world.