Riva Aquarama Luxe
Height ->25 cmsLenght ->85 cmsDepth ->22,5 cms

RV Aquarama Luxe

Valuable Rv Aquarama model that decorates both his home as an office, and is a memorable gift that lasts through time. High quality construction with materials, with emphasis on small details. Measure also the shelf or place where you plan to put this beautiful reproduction, are larger than they appear.

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The Rv Aquarama was a speedboat model built by Italian yachtbuilder. Production ran for over three decades from Aquarama's introduction in 1962 until 1996Riva Aquarama. Carlo Rv launched the Aquarama runabout series in 1962. The Aquarama's hull was based on the Rv Tritone – an earlier model speedboat by Rv, which in turn was inspired by the American mahogany Hacker-Craftrunabouts. Because of the boat's speed, beauty and the craftsmanship behind it, the Aquarama was praised as the Ferrari of the boat world. The company was founded by Pietro Rv in 1842.




The Rv Aquarama's 8.02 - 8.78 metre hull was carved from mahogany, and was varnished so the beauty of the wood was visible. All versions of the Aquarama were twin engined. Power varied from 185 hp to 400 hp per engine. For example, Cadillac and Chrysler engines 'tuned' by Rv were used. The Aquarama's cruising speed was up to 45 knots. On top of the engine compartment there was a cushioned sundeck. The boats also carried a convertible roof which disappeared behind the rear seat and cockpit. There was a swim ladder mounted in the stern of the boat.