In this post we will comment on the decoration of beach style apartments. Apartments with ideas and solutions according to tastes and needs, but always breathing to the rhythm set by the Mediterranean sun.

After working days during the week, we look for a place to rest from the routine and daily hustle and bustle to regain strength.

This desired space can be a house on the beach, to enjoy the hours of leisure on the weekend, for a natural, simple life and taking advantage of the advantages offered by the sea environment.

Spartan decor

The decoration of beach apartments with Mediterranean style creates attractive, functional places, with basic facilities, regardless of their size, but yes, full of vitality, a good place to live.

Clean lines, spaces with attractive austerity, stripped of everything that is considered superfluous, white, wood, natural fibers, plants and touches of green.

Welcoming summer by painting the walls and floors white is an immediate way for your home to become brighter.

With the natural fiber furniture in the dining room it is filled with summer, they are trend and fashionable, fresh and light products.

Beach apartment



With a comfortable armchair, on the porch or in the dining room with some textile cushions of the season to create an attractive and cozy place for summer afternoons

A place without haste, or stress, or pressure, to enjoy the little things like dinner at sunset, dream of the sound of the waves and enjoy the amazement that the spectacle of the sea offers at any time of the day.

In the lobbies, the simplicity and discretion of the products and accessories used will achieve attractive contrasts.

The combination of whitewashed and uneven walls and polished concrete floors creates typically Mediterranean interiors.

Summer house



In the decoration of Mediterranean-inspired beach apartments, little furniture and a successful combination of styles are used, with antique or restored pieces all integrated into an environment dominated by the neutral white color.

The textiles that can unify the different styles, come together in the apartment.

A whitewashed staircase in white, austere, attractive and accompanied on the way up by lanterns on the steps, communicates the floors of this house.

In its hole, it is used to place a jar in ocher colors, which provides the cozy touch as well as the flooring and the textiles of the armchair.

Bedroom decoration

This simple but complete and cozy bedroom has beautiful views. Recovered furniture, different styles that maintain harmony thanks to the white color.

In this other bedroom, its appeal is based on the simplicity of absolutely everything, the shapes, the decoration, the textiles, wall tiles, furniture ... shelves that define the aesthetics of the apartment.

White interiors tinged with the natural colors of fabrics and accessories.

Bathrooms in the beach apartment

Polished concrete can be a very successful solution as a flooring throughout the apartment, even for walls and in the bathroom to form the countertops for the sinks.

The Mediterranean air is given by the mixture of products and colors: woods, natural fibers, white and blue, soft and fresh.

Bathrooms with tradition in which current design products are introduced to make the most of them, natural products combined with technological ones to create a special atmosphere.

Bathrooms in beach apartments built with work and made with a mixture of lime and cement that achieves very innovative and decorative finishes.

The wooden beams cover even more this traditional air.

Kitchens that share space with the dining room, resolved with exquisite simplicity and a coating that unifies the environment.


Outdoor decoration

The decorative details, the fabrics, and the flowers are the chromatic note of the exteriors, accompanied by the neutrality of the white.

A bench integrated into the building leads to a resting place, which lights up when the sun goes out, with street lamps also built into the walls.

Apartments with discreet architectural forms based on cubes, which remind us of the Tex-Mex style, with a successful combination of products, textures and colors that give them character and personality.

Few auxiliary furniture and very simple lines to highlight the most interesting, the architectural details that give the apartment volumes with movement.

Beach house



In the decoration of beach apartments with a Mediterranean spirit, wooden beams, handmade clay tiles and white lime are present.

Rural invoice products that build a vacation home without sacrificing current comforts.

This rustic porch announces long gatherings. Its decoration brings a serene personality to the exterior of this house.

The beginning of a climbing plant on top of it, contrasts with its green color, the whitewashed walls and masonry seats, on which dark colored mats have been arranged accompanied by brightly colored cushions.

Beach house



Likewise, on the pavement, an ethnic-style kilim breaks the rigorous white of the wall tiles.

The windows integrate the landscape into the interior and become one more decorative element. The luminosity, enhanced by white is the protagonists of all the rooms in this house.

Interiors with sober and peaceful decoration, spaces dominated by the neutrality of white, a tone that is broken by the touches of color of the accessories and the luminosity.

Apartments open to the outside, which breathe freedom, with the luminosity enhanced by the only color tone that pervades everything: ceilings, pergolas, walls and decoration are rendered in white.

Summer apartment

Sobriety as a basic principle of decoration of these homes.

Discreet, moderate constructions, with spaces for rest, without ostentation and that conditions the lives of its inhabitants due to its location in front of the sea.