Sailing fishing boat
Height ->38 cmsLenght ->43 cms

Sailing fishing boat

Valuable model that decorates both his home as an office, and is a memorable gift that lasts through time. High quality construction with materials, with emphasis on small details. Measure also the shelf or place where you plan to put this beautiful reproduction, are larger than they appear.

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Trawling Fishing boats


Trawling as the name suggests, is through a large net bag of variable height, which by various means remains open and is dragged along the seabed.trawling fishing boat

Therefore, since it is a trawl, the fishing performance of this art will therefore linked to the size and power of the boat to drag the bag, the greater power, greater is the art. One of the gear that has been more acceptance, and where industrial development has had a great impact. In less than a century has changed truly remarkable.

Until the integration of mechanical devices for propelling boats, trawlers never knew when he would return as they depended solely on wind power, many times when they had that catches away scarce on the coast for various reasons (migration biological, etc.). and I was surprised at the ground wind (the mistral the Tramuntana) came a long way and stop the wind were completely unemployed, filled perhaps raised the art of catch and leaving them the option to pray that the wind blew outside, (S or E component) if the wind was slow in coming they had to pull the fish to the lacking water conservation means giving them the wind was to take art back to the sea to reach the coast with fresh fish. not be forgotten that the road infrastructure and lack of means for land transport of catches did not facilitate the distribution, only the towns near the coast could enjoy the food that derive from the sea, was therefore a real adventure the putting to sea to trawling.